Find Your Passion, Change Your Life, Change the World!

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Come Alive:

Find Your Passion, Change Your Life, Change the World!

You are smart, hard-working, have a decent “job,” but you feel empty. Your current job or career provides little to no fulfillment. You are so sick of putting yourself and your desires on the back burner. And you’re tired of being afraid, of hiding out, of not knowing why you can’t figure this out. What if you could find your true passion and start living it? How would your life change?

Transformation Coach for undervalued professionals, Jodi Hadsell, wrote this book to help you go from struggling with your career to a complete renovation of both your career and your life.

About Jodi Hadsell

Jodi Hadsell is an author, speaker, and transformation coach. She calls herself THE Passion Archaeologist as she specializes in helping people find and live their true passion and purpose.

Using her background in corporate learning, career development and mind-body therapy, Jodi helps her clients through a deep transformation from career despair to creating a career and a life that they love. Jodi currently lives in Dallas, TX, but her wanderlust takes her to foreign lands frequently.